About Katie Steinberg

My artwork is about deconstruction. The breaking apart of what we see as normal - as traditional, as pretty, as ugly.

In this deconstruction, key themes emerge. Whether through paint, pencil, or camera I explore mental illness, trauma, memory, childhood, and all things below the surface. Inspired by everything from 1940’s tattoo culture and Punk Rock to Greek mythology and botanical gardens, I grab on to intangible ideas and try to make them tangible. With a strong theatre background, I attack my visual art the same way – with the excitement and discipline of a performance. I think of my art as something that lives and breathes. Like going to the theatre, my hope is that each person has a different reaction and interpretation. A different story.

Completely self-taught, I love to experiment with different mediums and techniques to find what feels right for a particular piece. Most of my work is done in either acrylic or watercolor, or some combination of the two.

For inquiries please contact hello@katiesteinbergart.com